Gaming Seat

A car game driving cockpit simulator for PlayStation, XBOX, Wii and PC

Game seats have altered the manner in which they adjust to the hyper-realistic virtual home video racing games, owing to the fact that playing with a normal gaming tool does not produce the authentic experience these incredible car racing games indeed offer you. In spite of that, video driving simulation games have a lot to offer and with a home driving simulator seat you will get to know the real adventure hidden inside each and every one of them.
The OpenWheeler game driving cockpit represents the next ultimate degree in gaming equipment. I like racing car simulation games but I don't like availing of a handheld gaming controller. When I am behind the game driving wheel, I want to be able to feel the real satisfaction of the race. If you adore computer games, then the OpenWheeler racing car simulator is for you.
Let's check out the features of the OpenWheeler racing game seat:

Suitable for all video gaming consoles

Fully compatible with PS3, PS2, Xbox360, PC and Wii. It is also compatible with any navigation wheel, including G27, Force GT, Momo and Thrustmaster T500. The OpenWheeler driving simulator is also conformable to any home driving game platform out there and it is an awesome luxury for flight simulation fiends as well.

Gaming Seat

An adjustable pedal platform

All parts of the OpenWheeler gaming cockpit are intricately tailored from the ground up to give you a customizable racing pedal system that's customized to your body proportions.

A collapsible structure and sliding rails

The OpenWheeler driving simulator seat provides uncomplicated storage and transportation. Its gliding rails give you the impression that you are just like in a genuine car, which brings about the perfect racing position for you.

A telescopic driving game wheel arrangement

The inimitable construction of the wheel assisting telescopic video racing simulation game wheel system can offer you the most optimum posture and comfort in the video game driving seat, which also accommodates your hands and feet.

Polyester paintwork

Coloration type RAL 9005 M. A powder coated finish with an 80 micron thick coat. The very same surface as that of the regular home gadgets: fridges, laundry machines, microwave ovens, etc. EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 1400:2004. Also QUALICOAT and GSB International quality requirements. Not offered by other gaming seat simulators.

Why buy a home racing chair? You can acquire it at a cheap price, but with high quality specifications.

The OpenWheeler gaming chair spares money, spares driving licences, saves driving fines. Where else can you exercise your true racing capacity and still succeed in keeping your hand clear? With such a car racing seat simulator you get hold of the Earth's most expensive and chic super cars, without being a billionaire. The OpenWheeler Simulator Cockpit can also develop skills that can be very advantageous in your real life merely for the price of £200-£300 British Pounds ($300-$500 dollars).