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Dolce&Gabbana The One Lace Edition

Dolce&Gabbana launches on the market The One Lace Edition in 2011. The perfume is a part of the line The One (2006). For the creation of the fragrance The One Lace Edition, the brand is inspired by the idea of the lacy lingerie. That’s why the perfume reveals its sensual, sexual, seductive side.
The advertising campaign was shot by photographer Jean Baptiste Mondino. In front of the lens stands the beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson. She is the advertising face of any line of perfume The One. Here, her vision is very elegant – she is with short curly hair and a black lace dress. Concerning the perfume she says: “it really represents a feeling of self confidence and self-assuredness. Someone who feels like they walk into a room, they own it and they’re comfortable in their own skin and they’re comfortable with who they are”.

Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria

Calvin Klein launched the Forbidden Euphoria in September 2011. The perfume is addition to the line Euphoria, which presents its first fragrance in 2005.
Forbidden Euphoria is inspired by the idea of the youth, the energy, and the desire for adventures. Its targeted is towards young women.
The advertising face of the fragrance is a beautiful Hungarian model Barbara Palvin. She details much tenderness, sensuality, passion. The pictures are in pink and purple hues.

Armani Code Luna

The design house Armani launched its fragrance Armani Code Luna in March 2012. It is a new interpretation of Armani Code of 2006. The fragrance was composed by perfumer Dominique Ropion.
He draws inspiration from the effects of the moon during a full moon, by its mythical, mystery, lubricity. The aroma is exactly this, it is deep, sophisticated, very feminine and sensual. In it is used a special ingredient – a flower that blooms only at night. Its name is Mirabilis, but it is also known as Fleur de Lune.
The advertising face of Armani Code Luna is the American actress and model Megan Fox. Her vision is very elegant. Her hairstyle is very charming, and romantic. The little black dress has a great neckline and shiny elements. Megan Fox was photographed against the backdrop of the huge moon and the stars are visible behind her. The frames are telling, as in the color terms are sets of white, black and gray shades. The attention is not diverted, the emphasis is placed on three main things – the model, the moon and the flavor.
Beautiful Italian actress Valeria Bilello is the other advertising face. The song for the video is “In for the Kill” by La Roux.

Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum

The design house of Roberto Cavalli launches on the market Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum in early 2012. The perfumer who developed the composition of the fragrance is Louise Turner.
The advertising face of Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum is the Italian model Elisa Sednaoui. She is wearing a sheer tiger dress on the brand. On her neck she is wearing a necklace with the initials of Roberto Cavalli. The beauty is followed by a huge tiger. The video is filmed in a huge mansion. There are many people and all of them are waiting Elisa Sednaoui. When she arrives, toss her necklace towards a man but it falls on the cap of the perfume.

Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau

The design house of Christian Dior launches on the market Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau in April 2009. The fragrance is developed by the perfumer Francois Demachy. He precisely says: “Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau is not a complicated fragrance. He puts emphasis on the beauty of simplicity. He has a simple formula in which are combined the clean, fresh, delicate notes. He points the perfume to the modern young woman who is filled with humor and cheerfulness. She rejects the grayness of the monotonous days and instead of that choose the pastel tones.”
The advertising face of Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau is a Belarusian model Maryna Linchuk. The stylist John Galliano chose a dress in the style of the 60s. The dress is in bright candy colors. Maryna Linchuk plays the role of a young charming girl who lives in Paris. She is elegant, funny and enjoys the world around her. She has positive eye on everything that happens around her. She loves thebright pastel colors. Maryna Linchuk build the image of charismatic, charming, and rustic girl. For her look helps the British photographer Tim Walker and Sofia Coppola, who makes the video advertising.